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Inverters. General Info

Inverters are used to transform DC from storage batteries to AC for 220V load. Some inverters have a charger to charge accumulators from the mains voltage.

Inverters also are distingushed by form of output AC voltage. There are 2 main types of inverters - sinewave and non-sinewave. The latter can have square, trapeziod or benched waveform. SOme loads are sensitive to the output voltage waveform - for example asynchronous motors or transformers. Such load should be fed by sinewave inverters. Otherwise they can loose power, overheat, or even don't work at all.

Sinewave inverters can feed any type of load, including motors (i.e. in freezers, circulating pumps etc.), transformers, sensitive electronics etc.

We offer various inverters, Russian-made as well as imported. Russian production is presented by Moscow manufacturers "MicroArt" and "Nakhodka". Imported inverters are: Mobilen (inverters and chargers, mobile power sources, made in Taiwan); Outback and Xantrex.

Additional information on these inverters can be accessed through links above.

Inverters in our internet shop

You can buy this and other inverters and UPS for your backup or stand-by power syste in our internet shop.

To configure your system properly, you should determine necessary capacity of the storage batteries. .

Please go to our Internet-shop, section "Power electronics" to select the best inverter for your power system.

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